Thursday, September 30, 2010

life gets complicated

Off to meet with the mayor -- who is upset with a story I wrote. Even when you talk to all the right people and gather all the necessary documents, stuff happens.
During the first month of my reporting job in what was then called West Paterson, I went to a political function where that mayor answered residents about testing kids for possible problems with chemical contamination. He later claimed he never said it, and since the function had all of his followers, no one else backed me up.
An early lesson about getting documentation. But even when you get it, you get slammed.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Political confrontations

got into it all over the place this week.
As a reporter, I'm used to getting yelled at, and sometimes, I have to admit mistakes. It wound up to be a mixed bag this time.
A few weeks ago, I confronted the grafix avenger, and later decided I liked her work, and I had to make peace.
But in BAyonne, I wrote a story about possible moves being made behind the scenes. Many of the people who object loudest to the story didn't real the fine print on contracts. But i'm being put through the ringer.